28 November 2010

luxist.com and our snow globe ring.

Luxist.com has become the go-to source on the web for highlighting the best in luxury goods, travel and lifestyle. We are thrilled to have our one of a kind Snow Globe ring from the Antarctica collection featured on this celebrated site.

We used a naturally occurring rock crystal within a rock crystal as the center stone in this ring. In other words, the crystal growing inside the clear rock crystal dome was not artificially inserted. Rather, the stone was cut for us by artisans in the Idar-Oberstein region to highlight what we felt was a snow globe and glacier effect inside the stone. Idar-Oberstein is a region in Germany known throughout the world by jewelry connoisseurs for their skill in gem cutting and carving.

Please click here for the article on Luxist.

foreigner | cold as ice play

25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving.

Photograph of Patu by the talented Michelle Lee of Pets-in-focus.com

sly and the family stone | thank you play
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