05 September 2010

the dog (and cat) days of summer.

It’s Labor Day weekend; the traditional end of summer here in the United States. A few of our customers, fellow designers, friends, and retailers shared some photographs of their favorite pals on a lazy sunny day.

My original intention was to post this in early August, but a totally crashed computer and numerous lost files meant a delay of a few weeks. But even if we posted this in the middle of winter, you have to know that the loved ones pictured here, bring a ray of sunshine and a warm smile to someone everyday.

The Mills Brothers - "Lazy Bones" play


  1. Love the Blog! Great idea! the dog (and cat) days of summer put a smile on my face :) - i am a big fan of your jewelry, it is beautiful! thanks for creating a blog - i told all my friends to check it out.....

  2. Lazy days of summer? Our cats are lazy 365 days a year!


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