24 December 2010

warmest holiday wishes from patu.

All of our special orders have shipped and all of our letters and packages have been received. And so, the final and official numbers are in ... Patu received more Christmas/holiday cards than we did, and we of course, love it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our favorite supermodel!

Patu is wearing an 18kt gold diamond pendant from our Palais Bulles collection. Photography by our da kine pal, Michelle Lee of pets-in-focus.com

23 December 2010

dear santa from stylemakertv.

It's always a great feeling whenever our fine jewelry is featured in a holiday gift guide. This season we were on the gift guides of Gwyneth Paltrow and More.com. (slide 11) Our silhouette pendants even made People.com. The gracious Monica of idazzle.com featured our diamond and silk cord bracelets on her gift obsession list. And the always elegant Diana Jarrett of Color-n-Ice featured our multi-gem earrings on her "Lust Have List for Holiday Gifts."

Avoiding the middleman, StylemakerTV decided a direct letter to Santa (sent via Twitter, of course!) was the best course of action. On her wishlist to the Jolly One, she asked for our 18kt gold, diamond and pink tourmaline "Fes" ring from our Moroccan Garden collection.

Santa, are you listening? StylemakerTV is a gracious arbiter of style and we can vouch that she is verrry verrry nice.

Read the wonderful StylemakerTV wish list here.

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04 December 2010

max's trunk show.

Our trunk show and special event with our friends and retail partner, Max's continues for the remainder of this weekend, December 3 - December 5. This year, we are raising awareness and funds for organ transplantation. Twenty percent of the proceeds from sales of Vicente Agor Precious Jewelry during the three day event will be donated to Life Source. LifeSource is the non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation in the Upper Midewest. Additionally, proceeds will go to the University Transplant Assistance Fund at the Univestity of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview and the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital to help defray costs incurred by transplant recipients.

Last night, Max's hosted a gala reception and brought all three organizations together to the store. Despite the snow, the community came out and supported this wonderful cause. I was given the opportunity to relate my personal double transplant experience. My thanks and gratitude goes out to all of the people who attended last night and to those coming to the store this weekend.

Click here to see the invitation in action.

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28 November 2010

luxist.com and our snow globe ring.

Luxist.com has become the go-to source on the web for highlighting the best in luxury goods, travel and lifestyle. We are thrilled to have our one of a kind Snow Globe ring from the Antarctica collection featured on this celebrated site.

We used a naturally occurring rock crystal within a rock crystal as the center stone in this ring. In other words, the crystal growing inside the clear rock crystal dome was not artificially inserted. Rather, the stone was cut for us by artisans in the Idar-Oberstein region to highlight what we felt was a snow globe and glacier effect inside the stone. Idar-Oberstein is a region in Germany known throughout the world by jewelry connoisseurs for their skill in gem cutting and carving.

Please click here for the article on Luxist.

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25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving.

Photograph of Patu by the talented Michelle Lee of Pets-in-focus.com

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08 October 2010

instyle.com - we're obsessed!

The daily editorial, “We’re Obsessed! – If Money Were No Object” on InStyle.com is one of favorite browser stops. We are flying high because our 18kt gold “Diamond Bubbles” chandelier earrings are today's obsession. The micro-pave diamond earrings are from our Palais Bulles (Palace of Bubbles) collection which was inspired by the organic and curivilinear shapes of Pierre Cardin’s villa in Côte d'Azur, near Cannes.

Many thanks to Marion Fasel, the contributing editor of InStyle, Fine Jewelry and Watches, who loves the gypset seventies style groove as much as we do. Her generosity of spirit and kind words made us soar today.

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30 September 2010

brides.com fall weddings.

In a special report on fall weddings, Brides.com showcased the warmth and glamour of gold jewelry and accessories. We are very excited that the editors of this illustrious website chose our 18kt gold and diamond "Dew Drop" bracelet as a must-have for the fall season.

To view the editorial on Brides.com, please click here. Our bracelet can be found on slide 7 0f 13.

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23 September 2010


Are you a fan of the HBO series, "Entourage?" If you thought Carla Gugino looked extra striking on-air the other night, we’d like to think it was because she was wearing our hand-cut 18kt hoop earrings from the Moroccan Garden collection. Our special thanks to Broken English Jewelry.

Niña Bonita | Maia play

20 September 2010

goodie 2 shoes.

A trunk show featuring our gold and precious jewelry this week at the fabulous Goodie 2 Shoes in spectacular Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Please come by the store!

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05 September 2010

the dog (and cat) days of summer.

It’s Labor Day weekend; the traditional end of summer here in the United States. A few of our customers, fellow designers, friends, and retailers shared some photographs of their favorite pals on a lazy sunny day.

My original intention was to post this in early August, but a totally crashed computer and numerous lost files meant a delay of a few weeks. But even if we posted this in the middle of winter, you have to know that the loved ones pictured here, bring a ray of sunshine and a warm smile to someone everyday.

The Mills Brothers - "Lazy Bones" play

25 May 2010

wedding day jewelry.

So glad that we could help you with a little gemstone jewelry for your special day!!

07 May 2010

aol's shelter pop.

Our dog Patu takes center stage in AOL's ShelterPop.com feature, "My Living Room is My..." The design and decorating website asked 13 creatives for a glimpse into their worlds and how their living rooms served as multi-purpose rooms. Although we used the living room to spread out our inspiration and mood boards, Patu obviously used the living room as his bedroom. He jumped into every shot while the photographs were being taken!

See the full article and slide show here. We are slide 4 of 13.

12 April 2010

world gold council 2010.

For the fifth consecutive year, the World Gold Council has honored Vicente Agor Precious Jewelry. Edited by a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts, our 18kt gold fine jewelry was chosen to be a part of the esteemed World Gold Council juried collection of new gold fine jewelry designs for 2010.

Naturally, we are thrilled and grateful for this honor!

Mark Rothko's "Yellow and Gold" 1956. Image from here.

23 March 2010

fire and ice.

Life imitates art or art imitates life?

When we designed our precious jewelry collections, Volcanico and Antarctica, the design concept was fire and ice. Little did we know that fire and ice would become a reality in Iceland this past week. News of the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) volcano – dormant for almost 200 years - captured our attention at the studio.

This photograph by Ragnar Axelsson via National Geograhic.com shows an icecap exploding and is everything but a gentle reminder of the power of Mother Nature and the respect we should have for this incredible gift called planet Earth.

Thankfully the 500 local residents were evacuated without incident.

For a BBC video of the volcano, please click here.

10 March 2010

iceberg on the chanel catwalk.

This week, Karl Lagerfeld and company imported a 265 ton iceberg from Sweden for the Chanel AW/2010-2011 catwalk presentation during Paris Fashion Week. During this spectacular and titanic (sorry, just had to) show, models for the illustrious French brand walked through the melting ice water on the runway, presenting innovative knits and new designs.

On a similar, yet vastly different budgetary note, we will be unveiling new precious jewelry designs from our Antarctica collection at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago. We launched this inherently cool collection of gold rings, earrings and pendants in 2008 and have continually added “one of one” items to the collection for our international collectors. And while I will readily admit that our marketing budget is not the same as powerhouse Chanel, the quality and craftsmanship of our fine jewelry is representative of any superior luxury house.

If you are a qualified fine jewelry retailer, please come see us at our for-the-trade presentation in April. We will have some exceptional fine jewelry to enjoy and friendly warm personalities that can keep any chill at bay.

And although we won't have an iceberg on display, perhaps we’ll have some icy cool refreshing mints and extra ice cubes for your Diet Pepsi. =)

For more on the iceberg presentation, please look at the Wallpaper.com post.

Photo and more iceberg runway facts from New York Magazine, theCut Blog.

Please click here for more information on the InStore Smart Jewelry Show.

03 March 2010

the genius of ok go.

I love things that are clever and quirky. And this video by the band, OK Go (with the help of Syyn Labs) definitely falls into that category.
Watch, marvel and laugh with delight.

For more information on the making of this vide visit wired.com here
Inspired by a tweet from the lovely @ByMinhKhue

22 February 2010

a green olympics.

The glory that is the Vancouver Winter Olympics continues this week. What makes these Games even more glorious is that this marks the first year in which recycled metals were used to create the Olympic medals. Since our fine jewelry is made with recycled precious metals, this news made me very happy, because ecology makes us all winners.

For more information, please read the ScientificAmerican.com blog post here.

Inventive nature photography by David Lev.

09 February 2010

valentine's day gift guide 2.

Isn't this a sweet silhouette? The Examiner.com featured our 18kt gold silhouette pendant with a diamond accent as part of their annual Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Using a photograph that you provide, these silhouettes are individually drawn and then hand-cut with a tiny jeweler's saw We just finished a sterling silver and diamond silhouette pendant of a beloved family dog that I will be posting a photo of soon!

Thank you very much to the Oakland Style Examiner, Kasey Ellison! To read the entire story, please click here.

UPDATE: Uncle Beefy of the deliciously delightful design blog, The Bedlam of Uncle Beefy wrote about our custom silhouette pendants also. Please take a look at his post here!

08 February 2010

valentine's day gift guide.

Fashion editor, Catherine Dayrit recently wrote about our beautiful 18kt gold/fine silver pink tourmaline ring in the 10x blog. Featured as part of the National Jeweler’s 2010 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we agree wholeheartedly that this ring is a perfect choice for your sweetheart ... or for you!

The ring is from the seventynine47 collection by Vicente Agor and is also available in a stunning Swiss blue topaz or glorious peridot shown above. The name of the collection, “seventynine47” is derived from the atomic element numbers for gold and silver. (Remember that from the periodic table in chemistry class?) Read the 10x blog post in its entirety here. Thank you Catherine!

  • 18kt gold/fine silver pink tourmaline ring, style# sftr02-pt retail $690
  • 18kt gold/fine silver Swiss blue topaz ring, style# sftr02sb retail $390
  • 18kt gold/fine silver peridot ring, style# sftr02pd retail $390
  • prices subject to change due to precious metals market fluctuations

01 January 2010

twenty ten.

For more information on our hand cut silhouette pendants, please visit our website here.
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