21 July 2009

the story of ferdinand.

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf (with illustrations by Robert Lawson) is one of my favorite childhood books. Even though it was first published in 1936, this sweet story of a bull who enjoys the simplicity of sitting in a peaceful pasture still holds a relevant lesson for children of all ages today … especially given the frenetic nature of our modern times.

Amazingly, this book is Michael’s favorite too. Michael is my wonderful business/partner and we both have a copy of this book from our childhood. Although I am sure we can share, I gladly acquiesce the “fave” designation to him because like Ferdinand, he will stop and take the time ... to smell a flower. As a result, he is the one that continues to teach me to take the moment and enjoy the clarity that nature provides. And so this bud's for you Michael. Happy Birthday!

Image: A scan of a personal book complete with lovingly worn and well-read yellowed pages along with some smudges from a child’s sweaty grip on its beloved spine.

08 July 2009

a moment of gratitude.

Going on right now, just after the noon hour, is an event that occurs every 1000 years. It is 12:34pm and 56 seconds on July 8, 09. Or 12:34:56 7.8.9

I love calendar dates like this and especially since it is the turn of the century, we are experiencing a lot of these dates (the last one was 8:08:08 on 8.8.8). At the studio, we use these once in a lifetime minutes to stop, recognize and be grateful for something in our lives and business. At Vicente Agor we are grateful for our customers, because they are the basis for our business.  It is our customers that we want to thrill and delight. It is our customers that have recognized the passion and artistry that we have imbued into all of our jewelry.  For us, it is an appreciation that goes beyond this one minute.

06 July 2009

haute couture fall 2009.

It’s amazing what you might stumble upon while browsing in a thrift store. Stacked in the back of an aisle were these two seemingly disparate home d├ęcor signs just waiting for someone to capture their random placement in a photograph.

The Haute Couture Fall 2009 fashion shows continue in Paris through Wednesday, July 8. As a designer for a fine jewelry company that creates precious one of a kind collectibles, the artisanship and craftsmanship of these shows fascinates me. And despite the discussions about the demise and relevance of this rarified art form, apparently Divine intervention is working in its favor.  =) 

For more coverage of the Haute Couture, try style.com.

Photograph taken by me.

04 July 2009

the fourth of july.

When I was a freshman in college, I knew I wanted to be in business (whatever that meant!) And just in case General Mills asked me, I naively came up with an advertising slogan for my favorite childhood icon and mascot, Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. My slogan wasn’t related to a class assignment. It’s just that I was taught to always be prepared for the opportunity.  You know, just in case. 

Years later - after waiting for the "Win A Million Dollars By Creating A Slogan For Your Favorite Childhood Icon Contest" that never came - I have finally decided to reveal my idea. It is an especially appropriate tagline for today: 

“Poppin’ Fresh.  The Great American Roll-Model.”

Not bad for a sixteen year old, huh?  Happy Independence Day!

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