30 June 2009

world gold council.

For the fourth consecutive year, we have been honored by the World Gold Council. Each year, jewelry designers from around the globe submit their gold creations for consideration.  The criteria for selection is based on design, innovation and salability.  Winners represent the Council’s point of view for the year and were chosen by a Blue Ribbon Panel of fine jewelry industry experts.

I am delighted to be a part of this fabulous group of designers – many that I have admired from afar and some of whom have become our friends over the past few years. About a year and a half ago, we were highlighted on the World Gold Council consumer website magazine, “Gold Inspirations,” as a featured designer.

My personal thanks and appreciation goes out to World Gold Council for their gracious designation.

Photo courtesy of World Gold Council and www.gold.org 

29 June 2009

sf ethnic dance festival.

The 31st annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival – an exuberant month long celebration of world dance - just finished on Sunday. I have somehow convinced myself that if I go to an incredible multi-cultural event like this, my desire for global travel might be temporarily satiated.  And wouldn’t you know, it has just the opposite effect. Get me on a plane!

dance troupe: Shabnam photo: RJ Muna

15 June 2009

art 40 basel and patronage.

Once in awhile, the idea of going to an art gallery or exhibition sounds totally pretentious to me. And then I go and I think to myself, what was I thinking? Invariably I enjoy myself immensely. Sometimes I like the art and sometimes I don't, but I can always appreciate the work and the effort of the artist.

Although Art 40 Basel finished on Saturday in Switzerland, much is still being written about the annual international art fair, especially given the economic viability of some artists. Included in the discussion is Brad Pitt’s anointment as a patron (saint) of the arts. 

Patronage seems to be the buzzword these days. A concept that is not only being reserved for artists – umm...Mr. Pitt, at Vicente Agor we are open to all your bespoke requests and commissions - but now it is a concept that is being tossed around for different industries. In this case, patronage is being applied to the business of the media, which is experiencing its own gyrations of change. Click here to listen to the visionary idea of the age of media patronage from author and professor, Clay Shirky.

Patronage of artists and for the media; perhaps an idea applicable for two different industries during times of great change.

To see the work of the incomparable Robert Indiana at the Galerie Thomas click here.


05 June 2009


Vicente Agor is now a part of the Web 2.0 social marketing phenomenon. All hooked up.  At least for now.  As fast as this is all changing, I am sure that there will be updates to this list soon.

Please follow, friend or fan us:
I have already renewed some great friendships and started new ones. Personally I am quite pleased with the thought that somewhere in a conservative corporate setting - where I came from - old school executives have been forced to add the silly and fun words, "tweet" "ping" and "yahoo" to their daily work lexicon. There is a personal sense of joy in knowing that in the midst of corporate-speak land - while outsourcing their thinking to the outside of the box, or making sure that paradigms have shifted - more people are paying attention to connections and relationships. In other words, marketing that is focused on being ... social.

I couldn't resist using this photo of birds in an abacus formation because the abacus is the art of calculating with beads and to me it is the ultimate precursor for the computer. And besides, the birds are obviously tweeting and twittering.  =)  Find more photography from the talented photographer here.

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