31 May 2009

san francisco magazine, june 09.

I am absolutely thrilled with the feature article that just came out in the June 2009 issue of San Francisco, a Modern Luxury Media magazine. I am featured in their monthly “Style Counsel” article.
The interview with Joanne Furio was one of those relaxed, easy conversations full of great exchange, interaction and stories. I knew that the conversation was supposed to be all about me, (ha!) but listening to some of Joanne’s experiences was so interesting.  As luck would have it, the scheduled interview took place on the unscheduled first day of the roof tarring and the accompanying smell…pretty. Febreze and blowing fans aside, I had a really wonderful connection with her. The resulting article even listed a smattering of some business tips from me (from my old days of consulting to investment companies). 

The subsequent photo shoot for the article with Martin Klimek was equally fascinating. Even though I was the subject, it was so great to watch (and be a part of) his creative process.

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Joanne, Martin, Kate and Melissa. A link to the article online can be found here.


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