05 May 2009


For the last 34 days, the building down the street has been in the midst of tarring and repairing their roof.  In other words, 34 days of that sickly-sour, sometimes headache inducing smell of hot tar.  When I can’t take it anymore – typically around 2pm – Patu and I go on a walk to get some fresh air to clear our eyes and heads. 

I am always one to capitalize on a perceived problem and turn it into a positive.  How great that it is spring!  Who knew? Sometimes I find myself rarely going outside all day long and these walks have provided a view of some new neighborhoods, a bit of urban nature, and some great new color inspiration for spring jewelry.  Look at these colors – how incredible is Mother Nature?


  1. I love your earrings and how they echo the beauty in the flowers.
    Talent! Pure Talent!

  2. Thank you so much, jimhearthelen!!!


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