21 May 2009

festival de cannes.

A friend of mine recently left for the Cannes Film Festival, which continues until the 24th of May. Her trip prompted me to pull out some photos of my own trip to Cannes many years ago. (How long ago? Let’s just say that I had to scan this photo because I took it with a camera that used 35mm film. So old school, huh?) Even though this photograph is black and white, I have really strong memories of the vivid blue umbrellas and the sunlight on the blue water.  

The other thing I remember (besides the fabulousness of it all) was how nice the locals were.  And isn’t that the best combination, glorious and gracious?

Some vivid blue of my own: A necklace of 18kt gold, AAA lapis lazuli and diamonds.


  1. Jean, you are talking about the photo of the jewelry, right?!? Hahahaha!

  2. Umm, yes! But seriously, the necklace is beautiful as well.


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