31 May 2009

san francisco magazine, june 09.

I am absolutely thrilled with the feature article that just came out in the June 2009 issue of San Francisco, a Modern Luxury Media magazine. I am featured in their monthly “Style Counsel” article.
The interview with Joanne Furio was one of those relaxed, easy conversations full of great exchange, interaction and stories. I knew that the conversation was supposed to be all about me, (ha!) but listening to some of Joanne’s experiences was so interesting.  As luck would have it, the scheduled interview took place on the unscheduled first day of the roof tarring and the accompanying smell…pretty. Febreze and blowing fans aside, I had a really wonderful connection with her. The resulting article even listed a smattering of some business tips from me (from my old days of consulting to investment companies). 

The subsequent photo shoot for the article with Martin Klimek was equally fascinating. Even though I was the subject, it was so great to watch (and be a part of) his creative process.

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Joanne, Martin, Kate and Melissa. A link to the article online can be found here.

25 May 2009

fifth year anniversary.

Today we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Vicente Agor Precious Jewelry. As I reflect back over the past five years, I know that I have created long lasting relationships with some incredibly talented and friendly folks. Wonderful relationships that go far beyond the boundaries of business. I also know that in spite of (and perhaps because of) the vicissitudes of running my own business, I have gained a valuable perspective and stronger appreciation for the bounty and richness of life.

Last year, four friends (on separate trips) went to Bhutan, a country known for its measurement of Gross National Happiness. Our friend Maria brought us back a tightly rolled prayer flag that was blessed by a monk in this country - which some are saying is the last Shangri-La. The idea of the prayer flag in the Bhutanese tradition is that prayers are said over the flags and then these blessings are continuously released into the universe with every wave and flap of the banners in the wind.  It is believed that the mantras said over the flags sanctify the air that touches the flags so that everyone throughout the world can benefit and receive this good will.

Quite a simple and beautiful sentiment.

We saved the unrolling of our gifted flag for this specific occasion.  And so, on this auspicious day of the fifth anniversary of our business, we have unfurled our flag and offer a wish of good will and abundance for all.  A wish for an abundance of days overflowing with laughter; a wish for an abundance of great days of ease from the worries or stress of modern life, and a wish for an abundance of personal dreams that transform into reality. 

Blow wind blow.

photography by maria verdan, bhutan, september 2008 


22 May 2009


This past weekend I met my newly adopted niece for the very first time. She arrived from Kazakhstan right around Easter. Not many words are needed. Just look at that smile (and the tiara from Uncle Mike)! 

And what is the relevance of this post to my jewelry business? To the casual observer, perhaps nothing. However, as a designer and artist, sometimes the things that inspire and motivate me have nothing to do with commerce, and everything to do with the illuminations of life.

Welcome to the family, bunny.

21 May 2009

festival de cannes.

A friend of mine recently left for the Cannes Film Festival, which continues until the 24th of May. Her trip prompted me to pull out some photos of my own trip to Cannes many years ago. (How long ago? Let’s just say that I had to scan this photo because I took it with a camera that used 35mm film. So old school, huh?) Even though this photograph is black and white, I have really strong memories of the vivid blue umbrellas and the sunlight on the blue water.  

The other thing I remember (besides the fabulousness of it all) was how nice the locals were.  And isn’t that the best combination, glorious and gracious?

Some vivid blue of my own: A necklace of 18kt gold, AAA lapis lazuli and diamonds.

18 May 2009

conde nast traveler, may 2009.

I always read travel magazines for the vicarious thrill of discovering new locales, or for insider tips on a metropolis. As a result, I am super excited about the gorgeous editorial spread of our jewelry in the May 2009 issue of Conde Nast Traveler. The photographs were taken in Granada, Nicaragua and feature our 18kt heavyweight (they're solid 18kt gold, not hollow) bangles with cognac diamonds and an 18kt one-of-a-kind fire opal in matrix ring.  

Our jewelry gets to go on a lot of exotic trips because of fashion editorials. Earlier this year, a different set of our fire opal in matrix rings were featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and traveled to Turkey and Mexico for the photo shoot. Seems like the one with the best multi-stamped passport in our studio is the jewelry!

05 May 2009


For the last 34 days, the building down the street has been in the midst of tarring and repairing their roof.  In other words, 34 days of that sickly-sour, sometimes headache inducing smell of hot tar.  When I can’t take it anymore – typically around 2pm – Patu and I go on a walk to get some fresh air to clear our eyes and heads. 

I am always one to capitalize on a perceived problem and turn it into a positive.  How great that it is spring!  Who knew? Sometimes I find myself rarely going outside all day long and these walks have provided a view of some new neighborhoods, a bit of urban nature, and some great new color inspiration for spring jewelry.  Look at these colors – how incredible is Mother Nature?

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